Colorado DUI Cases Dismissed Based on Lab Errors

Recent discovered errors in the criminalistics lab in Colorado Springs led to a better result for nine DUI clients in El Paso County, a spokesperson for the El Paso County District Attorney’s Office revealed last week. In December 2009, it was disclosed that the Colorado Springs Metro Crime Lab reported blood alcohol levels to be at levels higher than they actually were in approximately 82 cases.

Respected Colorado Springs DUI attorney Tim Bussey reported to the Colorado Springs Gazette that the errors were caused by concentration of n-Propanol, a solvent used in the blood testing process. Bussey found out this information through an open-records request served on the crime lab.

Even with these errors that affected the direction and credibility of the blood test results of anyone who was arrested in El Paso on a DUI charge, the mistake did not result in the crime lab losing its certification with the Colorado Department of Health Department.

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