Colorado DUI Checkpoints – 100 Days of Heat

Summer has officially begun and with it so has Colorado Law Enforcement’s crack down on drinking and driving.   Each summer the State of Colorado receives increased government funding to place more DUI officers on the streets, and this summer is no different.  Beginning on May 27, and continuing through September 6, these officers will be patrolling the streets and will be conducting DUI checkpoints throughout the state.  Currently, the following checkpoints have been listed by the Colorado Department of Transportation.   


Aurora Police Department – 1 traditional checkpoint from 9 p.m. on 6/17 until 3 a.m. on 6/18.

Denver Police Department – 2 roving checkpoints from 8 p.m. on 6/30 until 4 a.m. on 7/1.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s– 1 traditional checkpoint from 3 p.m. on 6/18 until 10 p.m. that night.

Larimer County Sheriff’s– 2 roving checkpoints from 2 p.m. on 7/3 until 10 p.m. that night.

Westminster Police Department – 1 traditional checkpoint from 9 p.m. on 7/1 until 3 a.m. on 7/2.

Fourth of July – 100 Days of Heat

The Fourth of July is a celebratory time for most, with numerous events happening in and around the Denver area.   While local law enforcement agencies certainly hope for a safe and sober weekend, the holiday is generally filled with alcohol-fueled celebrations and sporting events.  As such, in addition to the above listed checkpoints, the majority of local law enforcement agencies will also be increasing the number of officers on patrol for the Fourth of July Weekend.  Currently, the following agencies are listed as increasing their patrols.


Arvada Police DepartmentJuly 1-5: One additional officer per night for two nights for impaired driving.

Boulder County Sheriff – July 1-5: Increased patrols.

Cortez Police Department – June 30 – July 5: Increased patrols.

Colorado State Patrol – Castle Rock – June 30 – July 5: Increased trooper patrols focusing on DUI.  Working areas that have high incident of DUI.

Colorado State Patrol – Adams County – July 1-4: Saturation patrol – Troopers will be focusing on roadways used by DUI motorists following events happening in the area or other events located in adjacent communities.  Troopers will also be using information provided to them about specific DUI crash hot spots.

Denver Police Department – July 1-5: The DUI unit will add extra officers for each of the remaining shifts during the enforcement period.

Lakewood Police Department – June 30- July 5: Saturation patrol.

Pueblo Police Department – June 30-July 5: Increased patrols.

Saguache County Sheriff – July 1-5: Saturation patrol on 7/2 in the Center area.

Steamboat Springs Police Department – July 1-5: Scheduled dedicated impaired driving enforcement shifts every night over the holiday weekend.  The officers working these shifts will get assistance from regularly scheduled officers working patrol shifts.

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