Denver Attorney Jay Tiftickjian Discusses Jessica Ridgeway Case on 7NEWS

On October 30, 2012, the juvenile accused of murdering Jessica Ridgeway appeared in court, and it was inferred that the defense team would ask the judge to transfer the case to juvenile court. 7NEWS sought out criminal defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian for insight.

Mr. Tiftickjian sat down in his office for a one-on-one interview with 7NEWS Reporter Amanda Kost. The subject was whether the defense could maneuver the case into juvenile court after the Jefferson County DA’s Office filed multiple murder, kidnapping, and sex assault on a child charges against Austin Sigg in Jefferson County Court.

The video of Mr. Tiftickjian’s interview can be found here.

Mr. Tiftickjian explained a legal procedure where the criminal defense team could petition the judge to review the prosecutor’s decision to file felony charges directly into adult court, despite the age of the juvenile. “It’s a way for somebody else, other than a prosecutor, to make that determination if someone should be tried as an adult,” said Tiftickjian. “[The] defense team has every right to bring this motion and a judge will have to review this to make sure that it is justified in staying in adult court.”

Tiftickjian reviewed the factors a judge would use to consider whether the case will remain in district court or be transferred to juvenile court, where Sigg would face a maximum of seven years on each charge as a juvenile offender.

“All things considered, this is a case that’s likely going to stay in the adult court,” concluded Tiftickjian.

The article on 7News’ website with Mr. Tiftickjian’s legal breakdown may be found here.

Jay Tiftickjian is a Denver attorney, author, and legal analyst that defends clients facing Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and criminal defense cases. He has provided expert legal analysis to media outlets such as The Denver Post, 850KOA, Fox News Denver, and ABC’s The Denver Channel, and is the author of several publications on DUI and criminal defense.


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