Denver DUI patrol car

Harsher Colorado DUI Laws are Coming

Colorado law enforcement is cracking down on DUI cases by making efforts to increase arrests. Lawmakers as well are joining in on the bandwagon by trying to make DUI cases are harsher offense. These increased efforts are resulting in more DUI arrests. Because of new harsher laws set in place, it is more important than ever for DUI offenders to get good legal representation to protect their futures.

Colorado is fed up with people driving under the influence and is taking action to reduce the numbers of impaired drivers. A large portion of criminal charges are related to drugs and alcohol, and a good deal of the yearly arrests around the country are due to driving while under the influence. There were 929,903 DUI arrests in the United States in 2011(FBI 2011 Uniform Crime Report, 2012).The Colorado court system alone processes approximately 31,000 DUI cases a year (Kevin Vaughan, David Olinger; The Denver Post; 2009), and a majority of those convicted are repeat offenders.

Increased DUI patrol in Denver

In response to the high volume of DUI convictions in Colorado, police have been increasing their efforts to catch impaired drivers by increasing patrols and setting up checkpoints. Between August 17, 2012 and September 3, 2012, these increased efforts resulted in approximately 80 DUI arrests a day (Colorado Department of Transportation, 2012). Due to the success of these previous crackdowns, the police will most likely continue with their increased efforts to catch people driving under the influence.

The police aren’t the only ones going after DUI offenders; lawmakers are as well. In 2011, the Colorado Court of Appeals set a precedent that a DUI deferment program will not erase a DUI charge from an offender’s record (Colorado v. Harte, 2012). This makes a DUI a potentially much harsher crime because it could stay on an offender’s record permanently. Offenders may no longer be able to have their charges dismissed after participating in court appointed alcohol programs.

Now, more than ever, a DUI charge in Colorado can have a detrimental affect on your life. So, if you get a DUI, it is important to hire legal representation. DUI offenses in Colorado can lead to driver’s license restrictions and revocation, and in some cases jail. In addition, a DUI will stay on your criminal record indefinitely. The court system is setup to quickly and easily process DUI cases. Without representation, your chances of an outcome that is favorable to you is low. Increase your odds for a better outcome by hiring a Denver DUI attorney at Tiftickjian Law Firm, a criminal defense and DUI defense law firm.

Denver DUI patrol car

Denver DUI patrol car


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