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Aurora DUI Arrests Expected to Increase

If you were recently arrested for DUI in Aurora, Colorado, it may be the result of a special DUI task force focused on drunk drivers in the Denver suburb. Aurora Police have made nearly 700 arrests since April, when the department launched a special task force to clear the roads of drunk and stoned drivers.

Aurora Police have made nearly 700 DUI arrests since April, when the department launched a special task force to clear the roads of drunk and stoned drivers. The task force is made up of three full-time officers who focus exclusively on arresting suspected drunk drivers in Aurora.

The program has been extremely successful. Last year, 14 out of 24 fatal accidents in Aurora involved alcohol and drugs. Since the formation of the task force, there have been no fatal accidents involving alcohol or drugs.

Saturation Patrols vs. Check Points

The success of the task force is in step with the new ways police are catching suspected drunk drivers throughout the country. DUI check points are becoming obsolete as police are looking to new—and more effective—methods to crack down on drunk drivers.

Rather than checkpoints, police are now more concerned with “saturation patrols” in which a team of officers target DUIs in specific areas, usually a busy road. Just like the Aurora task force, these police focus 100% of their efforts on catching drunk drivers.

Meeting Rising Demand

As saturation patrols become more common, DUI arrests continue to increase as a result. So too does the need for mental health and substance abuse treatment programs.

Rising DUI arrests is a challenge for Arapahoe House, a detox center that temporarily treats intoxicated drivers. After a 33 percent rise in police referrals, Arapahoe House plans to partner with Aurora Mental Health to expand its services.

With referrals expected to spike 44 percent in 2013, Aurora City Council approved $144,450 in additional funding to hire additional staff for the facility, including two nurses and a full-time case worker.

Fighting a DUI Charge in Colorado

DUI lawyers in Colorado are also busier as police get tougher. And despite the efficiency of saturation patrols and the Aurora DUI task force, there is room for human error in every DUI arrest. Processing a driving under the influence arrest is complex. Breath tests, blood tests, and field sobriety tests are all designed to incriminate a suspect. However, every test has the potential to be mishandled by law enforcement.

That’s why you need a DUI attorney in Colorado who is experienced in handling different types of evidence in a DUI case. A talented lawyer analyzes the evidence and guides you on the best way to defend yourself in court.

Aurora DUI patrol car

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