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What is Pre-Trial Supervision in a Denver DUI case?

If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence, you may be ordered to participate in court-ordered supervision while your case is pending. Pre-trial supervision is a tool used by Colorado courts to monitor people accused of DUI. To the accused, this is analogous to being put on probation before any finding of guilt is made. Pre-trial supervision is often made a condition of a bond in DUI cases.

Pre-trial supervision requires attendance at meetings with a Pretrial Officer. Monitored sobriety, urinalysis (drug testing), and in some cases with multiple offenders, monitoring devices such as SCRAM bracelets that monitor alcohol consumption are required. A violation of pre-trial supervision in Colorado could lead to jail time and criminal charges in addition to your pending case.

For a person with a prior drunk driving conviction, Colorado conditions of bond require monitored sobriety. C.R.S. § 16-4-103(1)(e)(I). An experienced DUI attorney can potentially file a Motion for Modification of Pre-trial Supervision. Even when the driver has a prior offense, this Colorado law allows for relief by way of a hearing to determine whether the defendant’s sobriety must be monitored while the case is pending and what other conditions of DUI supervision are necessary.

Pre-trial supervision is almost always ordered when a defendant is on bond for a DUI.  In other words, if you are arrested for a DUI in Denver and are required to post a bond to be released from jail, you will likely be subject to pre-trial supervision to ensure that you are staying sober and appearing at all required court appearances.   Whether you are released on summons or on bond, pre-trial supervision conditions are usually the same.

DUI scram monitor

DUI SCRAM monitor

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