DUI THC Limit Proposal May Be Back From the Dead

9 News Colorado reported today that local police and law enforcement agencies are concerned that the THC DUI Bill, House Bill 1114, was voted down by a full House Committee earlier this week. In response to the police outcry, Minority Leader Mark Waller commented that the DUI THC proposal to establish a THC limit that infers impairment may be tacked on another bill.

“There are three or four bills we can amend that on to,” Waller told 9News today. “I think we’ll attach it to all of them.”

The problem that has dogged previous attempts to establish either a per se limit or a legal inference is that there is no established scientific agreement as to what constitutes impairment in a motorist. This year’s proposal, as well as prior failed bills, was criticized because there is no science to back up this number. It is disconcerting that legislators would try to push forth a law or established limit without a scientific agreement, or at least legitimate studies, to back it up. When science is ignored and laws are created with knee jerk reactions, innocent citizens go to jail and lose their reputations.

It’s unclear whether another try to establish a THC DUI limit would be successful in the Senate, unless it were assigned to a different committee.

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