Adams County Tops Colorado for DUI Cases

There were more DUI arrests this year in Colorado than the previous year, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Over Memorial Day weekend, there were 318 DUI arrests and five DUI accidents that resulted in six fatalities. This means there were also more alcohol-related fatalities than last year.

Law enforcement has ramped up DUI saturation and checkpoints for the summer months, calling the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day the “100 deadliest days on Colorado roads.” Be sure to look out for increased DUI patrol in Denver after holiday events and large gatherings where alcohol is involved, such as Rockies baseball game or concerts around the metro area.

Along with the statistics that were released this week regarding Memorial Day weekend, the numbers were also released for each Colorado County from last year.  Surprisingly, Adams County had the most DUI arrests in 2012 (2,970), followed by Denver County with 2,932. El Paso (2,738), Arapahoe (2,666), Jefferson (1,790), Weld (1,139), Larimer (1,032), Boulder (1,017), Douglas (862) and Pueblo (671) were the other eight counties in the top-ten.

These stats are provided by the Persistent Drunk Driver Committee, which is made up of the Department of Transportation, Human Services Department, Colorado Judicial Branch and the Department of Revenue. This committee is responsible for executing programs to deter driving under the influence, as well as provide public education regarding the dangers of drunk driving.

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