Systemic Failures at Colorado Department of Health Continue as Two More “Retire”

The systemic failures of the Colorado Department of Health continues as Colorado’s health and environment director, Chris Urbina, resigned late Thursday. Urbina was the author of the CDPHE’s press release that was offered late Friday coinciding with the Attorney General’s release of the lab report and findings to the criminal defense bar. The criminal defense bar immediately immobilized and held a press conference to bring this report and the history of the universal failures of this toxicology laboratory to light.

The CDPHE also announced today that David Butcher, the directed the DUI blood testing laboratory division condemned in the report, is scheduled to retire on July 1.

Since CCDB press conference, Urbina, Butcher, and the CDPHE have been under fire from both Colorado DUI attorneys and news reporters. The story even appeared in the New York Times. A press release issued by Governor Hickenlooper stated Urbina was “resigning to pursue other opportunities.” He did not name a specific job he was leaving for.

In late May, Cynthia Burbach, the infamous Supervisor #3 in the critical report, “retired” per her account in a personal press release offered in response to the CCDB’s statements. Burbach was found to be pro-prosecution in the report, and encouraged employees to testify in court about scientific principles that they were not familiar with.


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