Another Colorado Crime Lab Scandal?

Some Arapahoe County and Adams County criminal cases may get much better for the defense. According to 7 News Denver late today, the Aurora Police Department has called a press conference at 7:30 pm tonight to address the destruction of evidence in approximately 250 pending criminal cases. According to the Denver Post, It was not clear at this point whether the obliteration of physical evidence was accidental or intentional, and what types of cases this affects. Stories have ranged from sex assault cases and burglaries, but more information will be forthcoming.

Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates told the media that he will address and explain the issue tonight.

It is unclear who in the department is alleged to have destroyed the evidence. The story may tie into a former Aurora police division chief, Ken Murphy, due to his accusations against Aurora Chief Dan Oates for his public and internal demotion earlier this year.

If history tells us anything, when the government calls a press conference to address an internal issue, such as a problem at a toxicology lab or evidence room, it is usually to create a scapegoat out of a former employee. This was shows by the Colorado Department of Health’s initial response to a damaging investigation that revealed systemic problems in the laboratory that tested blood for the majority of DUI cases in Colorado. The initial government spin was to point the finger at a former supervisor that recently left, and then declare the problem fixed.

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