Attorney Tiftickjian Presents Anatomy of a Colorado DUI Case

Jay Tiftickjian is presenting Anatomy of a DUI Case today for the Colorado Bar Association. The seminar will take place at noon in the large seminar of the bar association’s headquarters at 1900 Grant Street. Walk-in registration will start at 11:30 and the presentation is at noon.

A Driving Under the Influence charge happens to people in all socio-economic circumstances. It is one of the criminal charges where doctors, nurses, teachers, electricians, students, and all other types of professions are equally represented. Not only is DUI one of Colorado’s most common criminal charges, but also the conviction rate to the original or related offense, such as DWAI, is high.

DUI defense attorney Tiftickjian will cover the top questions that clients generally ask when facing a DUI charge, In addition, he will cover the driver’s license revocation laws and changes for 2014. The new DUI THC law will be explained. Finally, attorney Tiftickjian will discuss the professional and ethical liabilities that attorneys face when charged with DUI in Colorado.

DUI attorney Tiftickjian is a board member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and was named Best DUI Lawyer by Law Week Colorado in 2012. He was recently named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

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