Colorado DUI Arrests Drop by More Than 17 Percent Since 2009

The Denver Post reports last week that, according to the Colorado Department of Transportation, filings for DUIs and DWAIs have dropped by 5,462 cases, or 17.4 percent, since 2009.  The number of DUI/DWAI cases filed in Denver County, alone, dropped by more than 1,200 the past three years.

Prosecutors credit harsher penalties and driving public that is making better decisions. There also has been a decrease in DUI enforcement during this same period of time. Some point to a first-time DUI/DWAI offense carrying a minimum of two days in jail, and multiple offenses range from a minimum of 10 to 60 days in jail. Since the 2008-09 fiscal year, state courts, minus Denver County, have collected more than $8.4 million in fines for DUI offenses alone, said Paul Litschewski, financial- services manager for the state court administrator. Id.

The article also notes that, at present, Colorado has more than 19,000 vehicles with interlock installed. This number has increased to some extent because, annually, about 3,000 restricted drivers have their Interlock requirement extended due to evidence of continuing attempts to operate their vehicles after consuming alcohol.  All things considered, however, the Interlock program seems to be playing a significant role in the reduction of DUI cases.

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