Denver Attorney Featured in New Book on Criminal Jury Selection

Denver attorney Jay Tiftickjian contributed a new chapter for the national publication, Jury Selection in Criminal Cases, released this month by Thomson Reuters Publishing. The chapter contributed by Tiftickjian discusses useful strategies to practice when picking a jury in a criminal or DUI case.

Tiftickjian has tried approximately 100 cases in his career as a criminal defense attorney and former Colorado prosecutor. His chapter focuses on how to introduce the theme of your defense in voir dire, how to take account of potential jurors physical manifestations and how to address your client’s 5th Amendment rights at the start of a case when you anticipate your client will not testify.

Tiftickjian has written many chapters and books o DUI defense and criminal law. This, his seventh publication, is part of the Aspatore series of legal texts. The Colorado DUI defense attorney joins other highly respected and revered defense lawyers from all over the country.

From the publisher:

Jury Selection in Criminal Cases provides an authoritative, insider’s perspective on best practices and strategies for selecting and deselecting prospective jurors in a criminal case. Written by partners from some of the nation’s leading law firms, this book guides the reader through the intricate voir dire process that is defined as much by methodical analysis as it is by gut instinct.

With a client’s future at stake, these top lawyers describe the importance of treating each panel member as an individual and of actively listening to their responses. Keeping the end goal in mind – a jury that is free from bias and receptive to the themes and evidence in your case – they also provide guidance on how to observe and interpret nonverbal clues that will inform your assessment of whether the venire will react favorably to your defense or can at least be fair to your client.

Finally, these leaders reveal their strategies for the use of jury questionnaires and the appropriate application of peremptory challenges and challenges for cause. The different niches represented and the breadth of perspectives presented enable readers to get inside some of the great legal minds of today, as these experienced lawyers offer up their thoughts on the keys to success within this dynamic field.

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