Attorney Tiftickjian Appointed to Drug Court Advisory Counsel

Colorado defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian was recently appointed to serve as advisory counsel to the Adams County Drug Court.

The Adams County Drug Court started in October 2011, and since that time it has assisted dozens of persons in the criminal justice system stay out of prison and get treatment in furtherance of a sober and productive lifestyle. Recently, there was a graduation ceremony for the first person to successfully complete the program, and more defendants are scheduled to graduate in the near future.

The court, the district attorney’s office, local police and sheriff’s departments, substance abuse treatment providers, the probation department, and the local public defender’s office support the drug court.

This special court was started to further an integrated and collaborative model of treatment, accountability, and rehabilitation for substance-dependent offenders. It gives courts an alternative to prison and other punitive sanctions for drug offenders and defendants whose underlying issues are substance abuse related.

“I am honored for this opportunity to contribute to such a wonderful program,” said Tiftickjian of the appointment. “The Adams County Drug Court is a wonderful model and it coincides with the goals of many to give people the help they need to succeed.”

Tiftickjian sits on the board of directors of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar and is the Adams County Bar Association’s Criminal Law Chair. He organizes training for judges and attorneys in the areas of criminal and DUI law.

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