Adams County Bar Association to Hold DUI Driver’s License Seminar

On November 6, Attorneys Jay Tiftickjian and Adrienne Bershinsky will present on the new driver’s license revocation laws for DUI cases to the attorneys and judges of Adams County. This seminar, presented by the Adams Broomfield Bar Association (ABBA), will focus on the new DUI revocation rules for DUI cases that take effect on January 1, 2014. Included are the new early reinstatement rules for refusal cases and multiple offenders, the new persistent drunk driver rules, ignition interlock requirements, and its retroactive application to current cases. Available at the seminar will be sample reinstatement letters and forms for practical use by judges and lawyers.

On January 1, new laws will allow drivers who are revoked as a multiple DUI offender to reinstate before the terms of their driver’s license revocation ends. Similarly, motorists that were revoked for a refusal in Colorado will also be allowed to reinstate their driving privilege early in lieu of the one-year or longer revocation period. The new laws don’t all benefit DUI offenders, as the persistent drunk driver limit will be lowered from a BAC of 0.17 to 0.15.

The seminar will take place at noon in the Adams County Courthouse Jury Assembly Room. Please RSVP to Stacey Moore at on or before Friday November 1 to attend.

Tiftickjian and Bershinky are well known across Colorado for their knowledge of all-things DUI and DMV related. They have both presented on this topic to other bar associations. Tiftickjian has been published in multiple books, including Colorado DUI Defense: The Law and Practice and Facing a DUI in Colorado; What You Need to Know, both available for purchase on and Barnes and Noble.

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