Tiftickjian Law Firm’s 2013 DUI Defense Tour

As the end of the year approaches quickly, it is a good time to look back on 2013 and reflect on all of the positive case dispositions, events, and projects that Denver DUI attorney Jay Tiftickjian and the lawyers at Tiftickjian Law Firm have accomplished.

First a focus on the clients. Jay started the year off with a bang by winning a felony vehicular eluding case in Adams County where his client was not given an offer to accept anything less than all charges or proceed to trial. Jay was able to convince the jury that his client was not eluding a police officer and therefore was found not guilty of the felony charge. The client ended up with a reckless driving conviction only and a fine, with no probation or jail time, and most importantly no felony criminal history. There have been many trials and great case dispositions since January, and many satisfied clients who needed help with their DUI and major traffic violation charges.

Jay also was instrumental in the events leading up to the shutting down of the Colorado Department of Health’s DUI blood testing laboratory. He addressed the media at the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar’s Press Conference in the days after the government released an employment report detailing prosecutorial bias in the lab, and gave legal commentary to The New York Times, National Public Radio, and many local media outlets regarding the suspension and ultimate closure of the lab.

In April, Jay organized a highly successful seminar for the defense bar that was attended by over 100 attorneys from across the country. At this seminar, he opened up about a very important issue to all attorneys—work-life balance—and gave suggestions and strategies about how to balance a busy and successful law practice with a stable and loving personal life.

Jay taught DUI attorneys, judges, public defenders and prosecutors all over the metro area for many organizations. He and his associate Adrienne were invited to present to various bar associations on DUI law in the Weld County Courthouse and the Adams County Courthouse, and have an upcoming in December in the Jefferson County Courthouse. They also taught the Arapahoe County and Douglas County Public Defenders Office about the integration between a DUI case and the DMV. In addition, Jay has presented twice this year at the Colorado Bar Association and has an upcoming presentation on December 2 on Colorado DUI laws in the large classroom of the CBA.

The main goal of the DUI attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm is to advance the goals and interests of all persons charge with a crime in Colorado. Through their courtroom skills and efforts to educate others, all DUI lawyers in Colorado are better off with the assistance of the Denver law firm.

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