Ski Towns Preparing for Influx of Marijuana-Drawn Tourism

Several Colorado mountain resort towns, including Aspen, Breckenridge, Crested Butte, Steamboat Springs and Telluride, are ready to add recreational marijuana outlets, reports the Denver Post.

Amendment 64, which attempts to regulate marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol, passed last November with the approval of 55 percent of Colorado voters. But the approval rate was much higher in most ski towns, including 80 percent in Telluride and 88 percent in Crested Butte.

Matthew Brown, co-owner of “My 420 Tours,” recently appeared on “The Doctors” show to talk about Colorado tourism after the passage of the amendment. According to Brown, “This is one of the only places in the world that the government has said it is okay for adults to use cannabis like they do alcohol and we’re here to provide a safe, fun environment where somebody can have a great Colorado vacation.” According to Business Insider, the tours sold out almost immediately this year for the April 20th weekend.

The Denver Post article, cited above, notes that, because the amendment gave local governments the ability to prohibit or regulate marijuana shops as they see fit, there will be any number of inconsistent approaches, even from one resort town to the next. Some, such as Breckenridge, want to keep the shops away from the “downtown core,” whereas others, like Telluride, have invited them to move front and center. To date, Vail has not had any applications from marijuana providers and the town council is waiting to see how the proliferation of pot shops plays out in sister resorts.

Tourists must also be aware of Colorado DUI law, which includes a new legal inference for THC in a blood test. The law gives a judge an instruction that tells a jury they may infer marijuana intoxication in a DUI-D case. Any DUI attorney will tell you that the science behind the limit is lacking, but despite this lawmakers saw it fit revise the DUI law in light of the enactment of Amendment 64.

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