Don’t Ruin Denver’s Trip to the Super Bowl with a DUI Arrest

Public transportation will be used by many Broncos fans this weekend to and from the big game, but not everyone who uses the RTD Light Rail will avoid a DUI arrest. Police officers hang out at the train stations after the game looking for fans to stumble to their cars or otherwise commit traffic offenses leaving the parking lot.

The stadium is located in Denver County, and the Denver Police Department has a lot of security and patrol responsibilities around the event. The outer-counties, such as Arapahoe and Douglas, will also be on the lookout for drunk drivers on southbound I-25 as well as around the Light Rail stations.

“Getting in your car and driving for even five minutes to get home from the parking lot of the train is a poor choice,” says Denver DUI lawyer Jay Tiftickjian. “Many former clients were arrested coming out of the Light Rail stations in areas such as Lone Tree, Castle Rock and Centennial.”

With a kickoff time on Sunday at 1pm, the game will let out around 5pm, hopefully with many happy fans wearing orange and blue. While everyone wants to have a good time, sometimes celebrations and disappointments lead to irresponsible drinking. In addition, officers are also keen on drugged driving now that recreational marijuana has spread throughout the State.

“Have a good time, make transportation arrangements in advance, and go Denver!

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