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The Ins and Outs of Denver’s Pretrial Services Program

If you were charged with DUI in Denver and released on a bond that you or someone else posted on your behalf, you may be subject to pretrial monitoring while your case is pending. The Denver County Pretrial Services program will review your case and run your criminal history, and then determine whether to recommend that a judge order conditions upon your release from jail.

Being on pretrial release is much like being on probation. You are required to attend meetings with your pretrial supervision officer as well as remain alcohol and drug free.

The most common condition of pretrial release is abstinence. While your case is pending, you will not be allowed to drink alcohol or use illegal substances, including marijuana. It is likely that the judge will issue a no-contact order prohibiting you from possessing or consuming alcohol or non-prescription drugs, including marijuana. The judge will also likely restrict your movement to inside the borders of Colorado. No out-of-state travel without prior permission from the judge and your pretrial services officer is allowed. Other pretrial conditions that may be imposed is a SCRAM alcohol detection device, electronic monitoring,

Failure to comply with the judge’s pre-trial conditions or court supervision could possibly lead to the revocation of your bond or summons, incarceration while your case is pending, or increased supervision and new charges for violating a court order.  In addition, compliance with the judge’s pre-trial conditions will factor into his or her sentencing considerations should you be convicted of an offense.

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