My Denver DUI Lawyer’s Weekly News Roundup

As reported here, Jean Attis, a 46-year old resident of Keansburg, New Jersey, has been arrested for three different DUI violations in less than a week. In addition, he faces charges of eluding and numerous motor vehicle citations. Looks like he may need a DUI lawyer.

A Texas woman may be in even more trouble for getting her second DUI arrest in two weeks, since her second arrest allegedly involved a wrong-way crash that critically injured another driver. To make matters even worse, she allegedly punched a detention officer after refusing to walk through a metal detector at the jail.

A police officer in Michigan is facing charges under that state’s “super-drunk” law, for allegedly driving with three times the legal limit of alcohol in her body.

Not to be outdone, Vincent Jay Anderson, of Naperville, IA, is facing his fifth DUI and third possession of marijuana charge,  together with related charges for false identification, possession of drug paraphernalia, and interference with police resulting in bodily injury.


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