No Denver Crime Wave in Wake of Legalized Marijuana

As reported in Main St, crime in Denver has actually declined since the legalization of retail marijuana sales.

The site reports:

January and February crime statistics in the city and county of Denver show violent crime — including homicide, sexual assaults and robbery — have declined by 2.4%, according to the Denver Police Department. In fact, robberies fell more than 7% during the period, while sexual assaults declined by more than 12%. Homicide fell more than 66%. Aggravated assaults were the only violent crime category to rise in the first two months of this year, gaining nearly 4%.

In addition, property crimes fell by nearly 15% and thefts from motor vehicles fell by 43%. The main exception was arson crimes, which more than doubled.

Less than a year ago, Denver D.A. Mitch Morrissey pled with the Denver City Council for additional funding to prosecute the anticipated violence that would accompany the cash-driven marijuana industry. Although it’s early, that simply hasn’t happened.

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