Offensive Computer Passwords Show Bias by DMV Hearing Officers

As reported yesterday by Fox31 News, Colorado hearing officers in the Department of Motor Vehicles, under a duty to act as neutral and detached adjudicators, are under scrutiny for using offensive passwords suggesting bias and contempt towards motorists appearing before them.

The DMV hearings section holds proceedings in DUI cases and other driver’s license suspension issues.

A complete list of the controversial passwords appears here. Among them are “UWalkNow,” (You Walk Now), “Blow&Go!” (Blow and Go!), “SqlLkAPg,” (Squeal Like A Pig), “MedMJDun,” (Medical Marijuana Dumb), “URSkrood,” (You Are Screwed), “ManUpLsr,” (Man Up Loser), “GtANuJob,” (Get a New Job) and “CryMeRvr,” (Cry Me a River). Denver DUI Attorneys appear to be a favorite target of ridicule by the “neutral” hearing officers, given  passwords that state certain attorneys “suck,” “blow” or are a “butt.”

The news was broken by a state whistle-blower, and Fox31 has confirmed with on-record sources that it has been circulating for several years.

Assistant Chief Hearing Officer Mike Genoways, when confronted with the passwords list and the bias it represents, admitted that he had “probably” seen the list and admitted that, “I can see where someone might interpret it that way.”

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