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Automobile Impound Following DUI Arrests in Denver County

California has a law enacted approximately a year ago that holds a driver’s automobile may be impounded after a DUI arrest. While Colorado DUI law does not contain such a provision, motorists in Denver County may suffer the same fate should they also be driving on a suspended or revoked driver’s license, regardless of whether a DUI is alleged.

In 2010, Denver County impounded nearly 1,600 vehicles in 2010. This is pursuant to Denver’s Public Nuisance Abatement Law, a public nuisance is any real property or vehicle where criminal activity occurs. Therefore, driving illegally constitutes a crime where Denver County could move forward in civil court to seize your vehicle. While DUI is certainly considered a crime, Denver police have not been seizing cars and invoking this nuisance law unless a driver is also under a revocation at the time of the alleged offense.

If your vehicle was impounded due to an alleged criminal violation, you may contact Denver County for information here. In addition, the Denver Municipal Code is a handy resource to research and review the County’s nuisance and abatement law.

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