Early Data Shows DUI Busts Outnumber Pot Stops 21:1

Although hard data is still hard to come by, Westword reports that  although there has been a statewide emphasis on detecting and arresting “stoned” drivers in the wake of Colorado’s liberalized marijuana laws, a survey of checkpoint stops from Larimer County this past weekend shows that drivers under the influence of alcohol remain a much bigger problem.

According to the survey, which involved stops conducted at sobriety checkpoints on May 9 and 10, 1572 vehicles were contacted, resulting in 22 arrests. Police confirmed that only one of those arrests was drug-related rather than alcohol-related.

Because the sampling is so small and geographically limited, the article warns that it’s too soon to determine whether the results will remain the same over time and statewide, but early indications suggest that the number of stoned drivers may be smaller than anticipated.

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