Colorado Bar Association Focuses on Defending DUI Cases

On September 19, the Colorado Bar Association presents DUI Basics: a Nuts and Bolts Approach. This seminar is a full-day dedicated to DUI defense in Colorado.

According to the event materials, this is a primer for defending driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs cases, and includes topics such as challenging field sobriety tests, defending drug-related cases, DMV hearing issues, alternate sentencing arrangements, and ethical considerations. The faculty includes program chair Jay Tiftickjian, The Hon. Brian Campbell from the Denver County Sobriety Court, Colorado Springs attorney Timothy Bussey, and other experienced defense lawyers from across Colorado. The program is a state-approved seminar by the National College for DUI Defense.
According to the CBA website:
This program is geared for anyone who practices DUI defense. It is a “nuts-and-bolts” approach with a strong emphasis on defending drug-related DUI cases. The information provided will assist attorneys who have never litigated a DUI case before, as well as the most seasoned DUI defenders. With faculty members who are considered some of the best litigators in the DUI criminal bar, as well as county court judges who can explain the intricacies of DUI and sobriety court, this seminar is certain to give you the tools to succeed when representing a client facing a driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs charge.

For more information on this seminar, please contact CLE at or call (303) 860-0608.

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