Marijuana Use by Colorado Youths Down

WebProNews, citing statistics from a new survey by the Colorado Department of Health and Public Education, reports that, contrary to all predictions and expectations, the use of marijuana by Colorado high-school-aged residents has dropped by 2 percent since its legalization. This was despite the fact that there was a 4 percent increase in the number of people in the same age group who viewed marijuana use as carrying a moderate to great risk.

Meanwhile, a Brookings Institution report released at the end of July shows that Colorado’s legalization of marijuana has been largely successful and safe so far, largely due to surveillance and enforcement efforts, and has resulted in an increase in tax revenue and a decrease in crime.

Since stores were allowed to sell recreational marijuana to persons 21 years and over, a concern voiced among law enforcement and conservatives has been that the increased ease of obtaining the drug would lead to more driving under the influence cases. police agencies in Metro Denver and around the State have been offering drug recognition training to police officers and setting up roadblocks and checkpoints to look for signs of drug use as well as alcohol consumption.

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