“Zero/Zero” Campaign resulted in 200 DUI Citations


In October, the Colorado State Patrol (CSP) announced the Zero Fatalities, Zero Tolerance campaign, which aggressively targets drivers who may be under the influence or who are engaging in otherwise dangerous driving behaviors. The campaign involved sending law enforcement officers out onto the streets in an attempt to stop every driver who may be unsafe. The increased statewide law enforcement saturation and patrols lasted from 6 p.m. on Friday evening until midnight on Monday.

In addition to the higher number of officers on patrol, the CSP took to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to educate drivers on the dangers of a motor vehicle crash and the expense and consequences of tickets from speeding, DUI, and more.

Numerous Drivers Cited for DUI

During the course of the weekend, CSP and local police departments pulled over an estimated 7,000 drivers across Colorado. Officers reported the following results from those traffic stops:

  •        200 citations for driving under the influence (DUI);
  •         311 child restraint or seatbelt violations;
  •         62 arrests for misdemeanor offenses; and
  •         16 arrests for felony offenses.

Additionally, CSP and police officers responded to calls regarding 53 auto accidents that were reportedly caused by drivers who were suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, the goal of “zero fatalities” was not achieved, as four people died in traffic-related accidents, including a jogger, a motorcyclist, and two motorists.

Be Aware of Your Rights During DUI Campaigns

Though CSP states that campaigns such as Zero/Zero are intended to keep Colorado residents safe on the roads, such saturation patrols often result in the violation of the rights of many motorists. Police tend to be more actively looking for signs of impaired driving and may believe that your vehicle swerved when it, in fact, did not. This can result in wrongful traffic stops when you did not actually violate the law or do anything wrong.

Too often, a police officer may wrongfully pull you over, suspect you have been drinking or using drugs due to your behavior during the traffic stop, and then arrest you for DUI. Fortunately, an experienced DUI attorney can work to keep any evidence that resulted from a wrongful traffic stop out of court. Additionally, an attorney can help you keep any evidence of drug possession or other charges that result from an unlawful search of your vehicle. These are only a couple of the defenses available in DUI cases.

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