Will New Anti-DUI App Really Help?


These days, if you need almost anything, it seems there is “an app for that.” Recently, a new mobile device application was introduced that purports to help drivers avoid a DUI or at least discourage them from climbing behind the wheel after a certain amount to drink. The app, called ENDUI and pronounced “end DUI,” has initially been introduced by government and law enforcement officials in the state of Maryland and partially funded by the federal agency, NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Several other states have introduced similar apps, including Colorado with the “R-U-Buzzed?” app sponsored by the Colorado Department of Transportation a few years ago.

Though similar apps already exist, ENDUI is said to be the most elaborate anti-DUI app introduced to date. No matter how elaborate the app may be, however, many people are asking the same question: will it really be effective in deterring DUI?

How ENDUI Works

ENDUI reportedly has several functions that claim to assist a user in determining whether it is safe or not to drive home. First, the user can enter their height, weight, number of drinks they had in a particular period of time, and the app will estimate the individual’s blood alcohol content (BAC). In Colorado, the legal limit for DUI per se is 0.08 percent, however you may find yourself facing DWAI (Driving While Ability Impaired) charges for a BAC of at least 0.05 percent. However, when entering information into the app, it is always easy to mistake the size of the glass or the number of drinks you have had, which will skew results. Also, alcohol can affect individuals differently depending on other factors, such as medication or how you had to eat that day.

In addition to providing an estimated BAC, the ENDUI app also has two games you can play to test your current reaction time and concentration abilities. For example, one game simulates driving down the road and instructs you to tap the “brake” when you see a pedestrian appear in your path. While the game will tell you how fast your reaction speed was, it does not advise you on whether your reaction speed suggests you are impaired. Additionally, tapping a button on a phone screen is not exactly the same as hitting the brake in actual life.

While the ENDUI app may be making headlines, an app is never an adequate substitution for common sense. There are too many potential errors and variables involved in estimating BAC and you should not risk your safety and criminal record based on what an app advises. Instead, use your own judgment when deciding whether it is a good idea to take a cab or find another sober driver.

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