Do I Really need an Attorney for my First DUI?

Many people believe that a DUI is a relatively minor case. This belief may stem from watching others go through a DUI case and seemingly face few consequences or from the relative acceptance of drinking and driving in a social group. A person may especially believe that a DUI is no big deal if it is the first charge they have faced. In fact, many people believe it may be a waste of money to even hire an attorney to represent them in their case.


However, even a first-time DUI conviction can have serious and surprisingly long-lasting consequences. Some of the consequences of a first DUI conviction can include the following, depending on your particular case:

Fines alone can be extensive enough to have a significant impact on your finances. Though you may believe that hiring an attorney will only cost you more money, a DUI defense lawyer can often reduce or even eliminate the consequences you face, including fines. If a defense attorney can have your fines reduced or have your case dismissed, you may likely end up saving money by hiring an attorney.

Additionally, other consequences may be costly, as well. For example, license suspension and convictions on your record may put your job in jeopardy, which can cause you to lose wages. Also, ignition interlock devices, classes, and probation often come with various fees that can add up over time. An attorney can help to limit the penalties you face in your case because an experienced attorney will understand how to plea bargain with the prosecutor and will know how to challenge the strength of the prosecutor’s case. Often, a defendant will not receive a favorable deal or will be able to challenge evidence on their own.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why you should consult with an attorney is to avoid a conviction on your record. The consequences for a DUI conviction greatly increase if you have a previous conviction on your record, and they increase even more with each subsequent conviction. For this reason, it is extremely important to avoid ever having a first DUI conviction on your criminal record. A DUI defense attorney has the skills and resources necessary to fight conviction whenever possible. This often involves taking a case to trial, which involves very specific rules and procedures that a qualified attorney will understand.

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