The Effect of a DUI Conviction on Employment Opportunities

3577341766_3e0f7e568bMany people who are arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) in or around the Denver area believe that they do not need an attorney to represent them in court. Some people simply do not know any attorneys with whom to speak, while others try to represent themselves simply to save money. What these people do not realize, however, is that heading into court without the guidance of a qualified DUI defense lawyer can often result in receiving a wrongful conviction or harsher sentence. Such convictions and related penalties can actually have a much worse effect on your finances than paying the fee of a defense attorney. For example, fines to the court, costs for an ignition interlock device, probation costs, paying alcohol education classes, and more can all add up quickly. An experienced attorney will know how to limit these penalties so that you save money in the end.

In addition to immediate costs associated with a DUI sentence, a conviction on your criminal record can have a substantially adverse effect on your employment opportunities and ability to earn income in many situations.

Driver’s license suspension — For people who drive to and from work everyday, having their license suspended can cause serious challenges in making it to work on time each day. A suspension can cause even greater problems for individuals who drive as part of their job duties. Commercial drivers, delivery people, taxi drivers, construction or utility workers, and others will likely be unable to perform their required duties and may even be terminated as a result.

Missing work — DUI cases can involve many court dates, attendance at alcohol education classes or substance abuse treatment, or even enrollment into a diversion program such as DUI court. All of these obligations can be very time-consuming and may put your job in jeopardy due to the time you must take off from work.

Professional licenses — Professionals such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, accountants, and more require a license in good standing to continue working in that field. DUI convictions can not only put your professional license in jeopardy but may also prevent you from obtaining a license to begin with.

Commercial drivers — Commercial truck drivers are held to a very strict standard when it comes to DUI, and drivers will be suspended from duty and will may face additional discipline or even termination for a DUI conviction. Additionally, a DUI will stay on a commercial driving record for many years, which may make potential future employers wary of hiring the driver.

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