Recent Colorado Crashes May Lead to Vehicular Homicide Charges

3819173270_199949979aThe news headlines in Denver have recently been full of fatal accidents allegedly caused by drivers who were suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most of these stories will end in similar fashion–the driver deemed responsible ends up in jail, soon to be facing criminal charges of DUI, vehicular homicide, and more. The following are some examples of recent instances of suspected DUI accidents in and around Denver:

Sunday, March 8th — Law enforcement authorities reported that 41-year-old Alicia Christine Contos was driving on Federal Boulevard when her vehicle crashed into a pedestrian, who was pronounced dead on the scene by emergency medical personnel. Denver police allege that Contos not only performed poorly on roadside sobriety tests, but also had bloodshot eyes, mumbled, and had difficulty keeping her balance. Officers arrested Contos and initially held her without bond in anticipation of vehicular homicide charges.

Tuesday, March 10th — An as of yet unidentified man was reportedly driving at 2:00 in the morning on Tuesday when his GMC Denali crashed into the back of a small sedan then crossed over into the other side of the road and collided with a pickup truck. Both the 45-year-old woman driving the sedan and the 60-year-old man driving the pickup truck were pronounced dead on the scene. Police stated that they had reason to suspect the driver of the Denali was intoxicated and that he had been at a bar with the woman who died prior to getting behind the wheel. Police are investigating and two counts of vehicular homicide charges are expected.

These are only two examples of recent fatal crashes that are suspected to involve DUI. he recent headlines regarding possible fatal DUI accidents show how possible it is for an intoxicated driver to cause an accident that results in very serious or even fatal injuries. A vehicular homicide charge in Colorado is a Class 3 Felony that carries penalties that can be very harsh. Such penalties may include two to 24 years in state prison, fines of $3,000 to $750,000, and more. However, if a criminal defendant facing vehicular homicide DUI charges has an experienced defense attorney on their side, it may be possible to get sentenced to probation instead of prison time or even have the charges dismissed if you were wrongfully charged.

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If you have been arrested for DUI or any related offense, your first call should always be to an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Colorado criminal law. An attorney can assess your case and can advise you whether it is a better decision to fight the charges, negotiate a favorable plea bargain, seek a diversion program, or any other options that may apply in your case. DUI charges can be extremely serious, especially if any accidents or injuries were involved. Please do not delay in calling to speak with experienced DUI defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian at the the Tiftickjian Law Firm for help today.

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