Colorado Man Faces Possible Life in Prison after DUI

3634730017_c6db01517cUnder normal circumstances, most people believe that a charge for driving under the influence (DUI) is not that serious. Often, offenders face fines, temporary loss of driving privileges, probation, and maybe a few days in jail. These consequences, however, can sharply increase if certain facts exist in a case. For example, your sentence may be increased if you caused injury or death during the course of your DUI or if you have prior DUI charges. One recent case out of Colorado demonstrates how serious a DUI can be based on a past criminal record.

DUI while on parole

Charles Limbrick, Jr. spent about 23 years in state prison after he was convicted of the killing of his mother when he was 15 years old. Former Colorado Governor Ritter commuted Limbrick’s life sentence in 2011 and he was released on parole, which was set to last until 2016. However, Limbrick is now back behind bars following an arrest on suspicion of DUI in early March. Limbrick reportedly told police officers that he poured vodka into his coffee in the morning before crashing into two different vehicles around 11:15 a.m. One of the the drivers involved in the crash suffered serious injuries. Law enforcement officers reported that Limbrick had bloodshot eyes and that his balance was not steady.

Limbrick was not released on bond due to a hold issued by the parole board. It appears his case is headed to a DUI trial, so he will likely await his trial date in jail. If he is convicted of DUI, the parole board will reconvene to review his case and to discuss revoking his parole based on the violation of the conditions–one of which is to not break the law. If the parole board decides to revoke Limbrick’s parole, they can send him back to prison for an amount of time up to his original sentence–which was for life. For this reason, his DUI charge may result in Limbrick spending the rest of his life behind bars unless he can get approved for parole again years in the future.

There are many ways to fight DUI charges at trial, however, and an experienced DUI defense attorney will be able to present legal defenses and relevant evidence on your behalf to help you avoid conviction. Even though most DUI defendants are not facing a life prison sentence, they are still facing serious and costly consequences that can affect their lives.

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DUI cases can be complex, especially if you are heading to trial to fight your charges. In order to make sure you are not wrongfully convicted, you should always be represented by a highly experienced Denver DUI defense lawyer throughout your entire case. If you have been arrested, do not delay in calling skilled attorney Jay Tiftickjian at the Tiftickjian Law Firm at 303-DUI-5280 today. Mr. Tiftickjian will evaluate your case and discuss how our firm can help you defend against your DUI charges.

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