National Safety Month Highlights the Need for Safety in the Home Related to Alcohol

10252224396_efe8cd40d3With National Safety Month in full-swing, it is a good opportunity to highlight the need for safety in the home as well as outside of the home, particularly for people who have children. Below are some general home safety tips provided by Safe Kids Worldwide.

  • Install window guards on all windows to prevent falls.
  • Keep children secured with straps when using high chairs, swings, strollers, or infant carriers.
  • Use safety gates at the tops and bottoms of stairwells and secure them to the wall whenever possible.
  • Secure televisions and other furniture to the walls to prevent tip-over accidents.
  • Do not hold or carry a child while cooking.
  • Make sure that there is a functional carbon monoxide alarm in your home.
  • Secure toxic and hazardous chemicals and cleaning agents well out of reach.

Home safety and alcohol

Many parents in the Denver area occasionally relax and unwind with an alcoholic drink or two while they are at home. As a general rule, this is perfectly responsible and legal adult behavior that has little chance of resulting in criminal liability. In some cases, however, drinking to the point of intoxication could result in allegations of child abuse or neglect being raised if an accident occurs that may have been prevented had an individual been sober. Furthermore, parents who drink at home and then drive with their children in the car could be subject to extremely serious legal penalties which could even jeopardize their right to legal custody of their child. Any allegations of child abuse are required to be reported to the Colorado Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and that agency must conduct an independent investigation to determine whether child abuse actually occurred. If HHS determines that the allegations were “founded,” the name of the person accused of child abuse is included in the Colorado child abuse and neglect registry. While this information is not made available to the general public, it may be accessed by courts, state agencies, and certain employers.

As a result, it is extremely important for anyone who has been accused of child abuse or neglect to discuss their options with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. In many instances, an attorney may be able to mitigate the consequences that you may be facing and may even be able to prevent a formal case from being filed in the first place.

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