Colorado Law Enforcement Agencies Testing Smartphone App to Monitor Drug Offenders

Many people who are placed on probation after a criminal offense related to drugs or alcohol are subject to onerous monitoring programs that require them to demonstrate a certain period of sobriety. This type of monitoring often involves random drug testing which generally requires a person reporting to a particular facility in order to provide a blood, urine, or breath sample in person. The stigma associated with a drug or alcohol offense can be significant, and being required to report to a facility randomly can often attract the attention of employers, friends, or family members, sometimes making it difficult for people to move with their lives.smartphone-312816_1280

According to a report published in the ABA Journal, Community Justice Services in Boulder and Montrose County Drug Court are testing a smartphone app designed to make it easier for drug offenders to comply with court-ordered testing. The app, designed by Outreach Smartphone Marketing (OSM), allows people to take surprise breathalyzer tests on the spot using their phones anywhere they are. To ensure that the person taking the test is really the person who is supposed to be taking the test, the app records video of the user blowing into a breathalyzer designed to work with the phone. In addition, the app is designed to be paired with only one breathalyzer, so it is not possible for test subjects to have another person off-camera blowing into the breathalyzer linked to the phone, according to the app’s creator, Mike Kingery.

App Also Works to Help Keep Offenders on Track

In addition to its basic testing function, the app also has features that are designed to help offenders stay on track and get sober and healthy as quickly as possible. According to Kingery, the app can help connect users with counseling services, nearby shelters, job placement agencies, and housing aid agencies. In addition, the app can remind users of upcoming court dates, medications to take, mandatory events, testing dates, and other matters related to their case.

While this app may make compliance with court-ordered monitoring easier, most people would still like to avoid any type of legal penalty after an accusation of a drug or alcohol-related offense. Fortunately, there are often many ways that an experienced attorney can help protect your future. For this reason, anyone accused of a criminal offense involving drugs or alcohol should have an experienced attorney review their case as soon as possible.

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A Colorado DUI conviction can result in much more than court-ordered drug testing. In some cases, offenders may be required to perform community service, attend drug or alcohol counseling, lose their driver’s license, or even be sentenced to jail time. The attorneys of the Tiftickjian Law Firm are skilled criminal defense attorneys who are dedicated to protecting the legal rights of individuals accused of DUI and other criminal offenses. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, call our office today at 303-DUI-5280.

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