Colorado Prosecutors Pursue Charges Under New Felony DUI Law

Since Colorado’s new felony DUI law took effect less than one month ago, prosecutors across the state already have begun charging individuals with felonies under the new law. KUSA-TV is reporting that nearly two dozen individuals are presently facing felony DUI charges or have been arrested on suspicion of such charges. These individuals include two in Denver, one in Jefferson County, seven in Arapahoe and Douglas Counties, and eleven in Adams and Broomfield Counties. All of these individuals have three or more DUI convictions on their records, a fact that allows prosecutors to file felony charges in these particular cases. KKCO 11 News is reporting that Mesa County filed its first felony DUI case, as well.16685801837_2d1e6143b4

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper signed the new felony DUI bill into law in June, which makes an individual’s fourth DUI a felony under Colorado law. A felony is punishable in the state of Colorado by as many as six years in prison and a fine of $500,000. The new felony DUI law took effect on August 5, 2015. In doing so, Colorado joins the majority of other states that have felony DUI laws in place for the most serious of DUI offenders. Passage of the law also will attempt to reform Colorado’s reputation as having some of the weakest DUI laws in the country.

Potential Repercussions for a Felony DUI Conviction

DUI charges, like many other types of criminal charges, impact not only the individuals who are charged, but also their families and loved ones. Particularly in the case of a felony DUI charge, the ultimate penalties for a conviction on the charge can be quite severe. Not only may the individual serve a significant jail or prison term, but he or she is likely to have difficulty obtaining and maintaining steady employment and to have no ability to drive for quite some time. Aside from the obvious inconvenience, the individual’s family may also be left without a means of transportation or a source of much-needed income. Depending on the situation, the individual and his or her family also may be hit with steep fines, probation fees, ignition interlock charges, and other costs. The impact of a felony DUI conviction can go far beyond the individual who is charged with or convicted of the crime.

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If you find yourself charged under the new felony DUI law, you should immediately contact an experienced Denver DUI attorney as quickly as possible. With a strong advocate on your side who knows how to build the strongest defense that is available in your situation, you can put yourself in a position to minimize your exposure to a felony DUI conviction and all of its potential repercussions. The Tiftickjian Law Firm stands ready to investigate your case, explore your options, and work toward resolving your case as quickly and positively as possible. Contact our office today and learn about the assistance that we can offer you.

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