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Being arrested for misdemeanor DUI can have adverse professional, personal, and financial effects on your life.  A DUI arrest in Colorado can already threaten your employment status, your relationships, and result in costly fines and legal fees.  However, new legislation in Colorado compounds these consequences for repeat offenders.  4th time DUI offenders are now automatically charged with a felony, as one Colorado man recently arrested for his 9th DUI is now learning the hard way.  This law was the product of a long debate and widespread criticisms of prior law as not doing enough to deter repeat offenders.  In our experience defending thousands of DUI cases, our attorneys can tell you without a doubt that you do not want to find yourself as a test case for the new law.6649893463_6d5f6ee167

Learning from Past Mistakes

Many people make the mistake of driving under the influence once.  Often, they learn from the mistake and move on with their lives.  However, repeat offenses now have the potential to become even more costly and damaging.  A felony conviction is far more serious, as it can lead to up to six years in prison (rather than the previous maximum of a year), higher fines, higher legal fees, and even more disastrous employment consequences.  Even if you are lucky enough to escape jail time after a felony DUI, felony probation is much stricter than misdemeanor probation.

This is why we always advise our first-time offender clients to take the terms of their probation seriously and to take extra precautions to ensure that they do not find themselves in the same position again.  It is hard enough to recover from a single arrest.  But each time a person repeats the same mistakes, it becomes harder and harder to recover.  Your employer, your family, and eventually the justice system will lose patience with you.  If you have had a DUI in the past, it is critical for your own well-being that you not repeat this mistake.

Our attorneys deal with many DUI cases.  It is much easier to help someone accused of a first DUI than someone accused of a second, third, or fourth offense.  The new law only makes that reality more stark.

However, if you have been accused of a felony DUI under the new law, the harsher consequences  make it that much more imperative that you seek counsel who will fight for you.  You still have rights, and our DUI defense lawyers can still help you defend them. It takes a sound legal strategy to suppress evidence obtained by police misconduct, cast reasonable doubt on field sobriety test results, or to strike prior offenses.

Seek Legal Advice Today

Regardless of whether it’s your first offense or you are charged as a repeat offender, if you have been arrested for drunk driving, you need to contact an experienced Colorado DUI defense attorney as soon as possible.  Too much is at stake to risk going to court without the assistance of counsel.  Only a skilled trial lawyer can protect your rights if they are violated.  If you face DUI charges, contact the Tiftickjian Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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