Two Recent Reminders of the Serious Consequences of DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol is risky, not only for the person driving, but also for other people on the road who are subjected to the hazards they create.  Because the dangers of driving under the influence are so widely known, prosecutors, judges, and juries have very little sympathy for drivers who have caused accidents and deaths while driving under the influence.  As two recent Colorado cases show, these are among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in the justice system today.3114654659_b012a08037

The Case of David Bunn

The first case involves a man who was recently sentenced to 28 years after being convicted of vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, and first degree assault.  The unusually harsh sentence was handed down to Mr. Bunn due to the numerous aggravating circumstances in his case.  Aggravating circumstances are any facts in a case that increase the defendant’s culpability.  In this case, David Bunn had a lot working against him.  First, he had an extremely high blood alcohol concentration (.258, over three times the legal limit).  Second, he had been warned by others not to drive, with some people refusing to ride with him.  Third, he was texting while driving.  Fourth, he was speeding and crossed over the center line when he collided with his two young victims.  One victim was killed and the other was permanently maimed.

Cases such as this are extremely difficult for defense attorneys because the victims are highly sympathetic while the circumstances surrounding the driver’s decision to drive are extremely unfavorable. However, a good attorney can still give the defendant a fighting chance at a fair sentence.

The Case of Anthony Chase

In a more recently opened case, a man has been charged with DUI, vehicular homicide, reckless driving, and destruction of evidence for killing a man in a collision after crossing the centerline in a Mack truck.  His upcoming hearing may reveal more specifics about his case that would give an idea of how a sentencing judge may view it.  But while it would require some extraordinarily egregious circumstances to rise to the level of what Mr. Bunn above was sentenced to (and there is no living victim and thus no assault charge to tack on), he still almost certainly faces multiple years in prison.

Contact a Denver DUI Defense Attorney

If you have been involved in a fatal DUI related collision, you urgently need the representation of the best defense attorney you can get.  The attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm are experienced and highly skilled professionals who specialize in defending these kinds of cases.  As you can see from the above, the charges you may face in such a situation are extremely serious.  The sad truth is that in many such cases the likelihood of prison time is almost an inescapable certainty.  However, with effective counsel you at least stand a chance of not being subjected to a disproportionately harsh sentence.  Don’t delay.  Call us today.  Don’t get railroaded by the system of crusading prosecutors and judges eager to make an example of you.  Let us fight for your rights.

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