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DUIs (and DUI enforcement efforts) generally become more common during Halloween and other Holidays.  Though official figures have not yet been released for this past Halloween weekend, a sharp increase in arrests was anticipated.  The combination of past years’ experience (in 2013, nearly 400 people were arrested in Colorado for DUIs in the days surrounding Halloween) and the fact that the holiday was on a Saturday this year prompted the Colorado Department of Transportation to issue a warning in anticipation of such an increase.  The anticipated increase in DUI activity also led police departments throughout the state to step up enforcement efforts.8289912016_8a81e2429d

Exercise Caution throughout the Holidays

The Halloween weekend is now over, but in the coming months there will be similar pitfalls associated with other holidays.  Several nights in the next few months are well known to involve increased drinking activity, and police are highly vigilant throughout this period in efforts to curb drunk driving.

The following are a few other nights coming up where the risks of getting a DUI increase:

  1. The night before Thanksgiving:  Due to the fact that so many people have Thanksgiving off, many younger adults are returning home and enjoying themselves with old friends, and other factors, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is widely considered to be one of the biggest drinking nights of the year.  And due to the fact that few people want to entertain at home that night, a greater proportion of that drinking occurs in bars than on other big drinking nights such as New Year’s Eve.  This can mean that the temptation to drink and drive will be very strong.  But remember that the cops are as aware or more aware of this phenomenon than you are, and they will be looking for people on the road who have had one too many.
  2. The weekends before Christmas: Most Christmas parties are scheduled on either of the two weekends just before Christmas, and police are very aware of the fact that numerous partygoers are out on the roads those evenings.  This means that there are likely to be checkpoints and strategically deployed patrols in many areas.
  3. New Year’s Eve: Everyone is aware of the fact that New Year’s Eve involves lots of alcohol.  The combination of this fact and the fact that people tend to stay up later than usual increases the risk of getting a DUI.  Most DUIs take place after midnight, and most partygoers on New Year’s Eve are out after midnight—even if they usually wouldn’t be.

If you were smart enough to avoid a DUI over Halloween, be grateful and continue exercising caution throughout the remaining holidays.  If you were unfortunate enough to be arrested over the weekend, learn from it.  Be careful not to let it happen again, and most importantly, get legal help so that the arrest doesn’t escalate from a temporary setback in your life to a problem that will follow you around forever.

Get Help if Arrested for DUI over Halloween Weekend

If you were arrested for DUI over Halloween weekend (and history leads us to expect that many people were), you need legal help immediately to ensure that your rights are protected and you receive the fairest possible treatment by the court system.  You may have defenses available to you that you are not even aware of, and with the assistance of skilled and experienced attorneys, you might have a fighting chance.  Don’t get haunted by a Halloween DUI.  Get help instead.  Call the attorneys at Tiftickjian Law Firm today for a free consultation.  If you hire us, you will get the benefit of all of our passion, expertise, and experience being mobilized in your defense.   

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