Jay Tiftickjian to Present at Bar Association Event on Cannabis Issues

marijuanaDenver DUI defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian will be presenting at a Continuing Legal Education Conference for the Colorado Bar Association on December 4. The conference covers a variety of issues regarding the Medicolegal aspects of marijuana. Mr. Tiftickjian will present on the specific issues related to marijuana DUI. It is anticipated that a number of criminal defense attorneys will be present for the event that will summarize the current state of this exciting and rapidly developing area of the law.

Issues Discussed

Several expert presenters will cover a number of different issues. One set of issues covered are the employment related concerns arising from Cannabis still being illegal under Federal law.  Another issue is the regulation of marijuana sales (legal and recreational), as well as concerns with federal banking and income tax regulations. Speakers will also discuss the conflicts and tensions between state and federal controlled substances laws, specifically as they pertain to mandatory minimum sentencing requirements.

DUI and Cannabis

While the other topics address issues of significant importance related to the balance between state and federal laws on the subject, Mr. Tiftickjian’s topic most specifically relates to Colorado criminal law, as it addresses the state of marijuana related DUIs in Colorado. State law here currently provides for a legal framework for what constitutes driving under the influence of marijuana, but there are still a number of unsettled issues that could be subject to legislative change. For instance, the current blood THC concentration required to establish a presumption of driving under the influence (known as a “per se limit) is 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood.

This per se limit has been challenged as arbitrary and ambiguous. Studies have conflicted as to the amount of THC in a person’s system that can accurately predict whether they are in fact impaired, and some juries have agreed that the mere presence of THC in a specific numerical concentration cannot justify a conclusion that a given individual is impaired.

Mr. Tiftickjian’s presentation will address the different law enforcement methods of drug detection as well as chemical testing methods, discussing the research in the field. The panel will also discuss the various factors affecting the dissipation rates of the substance, including the different rates in chronic vs. occasional users. The lawyers in attendance can expect to be exposed to a wide range of studies and cutting edge legal arguments that can assist them in defending persons accused of driving under the influence of marijuana.

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If you have been charged with cannabis related DUI, you need a recognized expert in the field defending you. As can be seen from his placement on the esteemed panel, Mr. Tiftickjian is a highly regarded expert both with respect to DUIs generally and cannabis DUIs in particular.  When you face these kinds of charges, get the best available representation. Call the Tiftickjian Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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