Understanding First Time DUI in Colorado

prison fenceA DUI charge in the state of Colorado is a serious matter even if it is your first time. The state takes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs very seriously and punishes a conviction for DUI accordingly. A Colorado DUI conviction can change your life in negative ways. Besides the very real possibility of jail time and hefty fines, there is damage to your reputation – the kind of damage that can derail a job or college application. In addition, a conviction for DUI can raise car insurance premiums for years, and saddle you with both community service and compulsory attendance of alcohol and drug education programs and victim impact panels. The purpose of this article is to explain the consequences of a first time DUI conviction in the state of Colorado.  For your record, your finances, your reputation – for you very future – contact an experienced Colorado DUI defense attorney at once if you have been charged with DUI in Colorado.

Conviction for a First Offense DUI is Grounds for a One Year Jail Term

You can go to jail for DUI in Colorado even if it your first time. Think about that. Maybe you hardly ever consume alcohol. Maybe you just had a glass and a half of wine at a rather low-key dinner party. Maybe you did not even feel or notice the effects. Make no mistake, Colorado law does not care. It is all about Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). If you are stopped by a police officer with probable cause and provide a .08% BAC sample, you may be charged with DUI. If convicted, that one-year jail time is a possibility. With your very freedom at stake, you need to rely on the skill of an experienced DUI defense attorney. A skilled attorney can hold the arresting officer and the state to strict requirements in making a valid DUI arrest. Probable cause – a reasonable suspicion of criminal activity – must have been present at the time of the stop and arrest. In addition, the BAC test must have been properly administered with the proper equipment to be legally valid. A skilled attorney hold the state to all applicable requirements and mount the strongest possible defense against the DUI charge.

Conviction for a First Offense DUI is Grounds for a $1000 Fine

Besides potentially taking away your freedom, a DUI conviction can hurt your wallet. For even a first time offense, a $1000 fine is a permissible penalty. The financial impact does not stop there, by the way. Your car insurance provider will surely raise your premiums. Fines and raised insurance premiums are just the obvious financial consequences. You will likely be ordered to spend significant time doing community service – time you could have spent working and earning money. While getting to and from that community service, you will likely have to take the bus or a taxi as a result of a nine-month driver’s license suspension – another punishment for first-time DUI conviction in Colorado. For all of these reasons, contact a skilled and experienced Colorado DUI defense attorney now.

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