Colorado Punishes Repeat DWAI Convictions Harshly



Being convicted for DWAI in Colorado once is bad enough. You may have spent time in jail, and you certainly paid fines and penalties. Your car insurance provider probably also raised for premiums for the long-term. These punishments pale in comparison to what you can expect for a second, third, or subsequent DWAI conviction in Colorado. The state, with its winding roads and frequently snowy conditions, does not want residents or visitors driving with impaired abilities.  In fact, the whole point of the many serious penalties for a first time DWAI conviction are designed to make you think hard about ever even considering for a moment getting behind the wheel of a car, truck, or other vehicle with impaired abilities again. If, despite everything you went through after a first time DWAI conviction, you find yourself charged with the offense again, it is absolutely essential that you contact an experienced Colorado DWAI defense attorney.

Second, Third, and Subsequent DWAI Convictions May Result in Increased Jail Time

The 180-day jail sentence that courts are authorized to impose on first-time DWAI offenders may seem overly harsh for a first-time offense. If that is your reaction, then you will be stunned by the one-year prison term that you can be sentenced to as punishment for a second or third time DWAI. There are a million reasons why you do not want to be convicted, and jail is at the top of that list. Just imagine losing your freedom for 360 long days. What will happen to your mortgage and other responsibilities while you are unable to work? The answer is not a happy one, as you surely have already concluded. As such, you need to rely on a dedicated and experienced Colorado DWAI defense attorney. Whether it is your first, second, third, or subsequent DWAI charge, Colorado law imposes the same unwavering requirements on police officers when making a stop or arrest and when administering a Blood Alcohol Test (BAC). The officer must possession probable cause – a reasonable suspicion that you are engaged in criminal activity (in the case of DWAI, driving while ability impaired). When making an arrest, the officer must read your Miranda rights. When administering a breathalyzer or other BAC test, the officer must use the correct equipment and use it correctly. If any of these requirements have not been met, your skilled Colorado DWAI defense attorney will argue for the charges against you to be reduced or dismissed entirely.

Second, Third, and Subsequent DWAI Convictions May Result in Increased Fines

You learned from a first time DWAI conviction that the state levied you with up to $500 in fines and penalties. For a second or third offense, you are looking at up to $1500 in fines. In addition, your driver’s license may be suspended for one year (second offense) or two years (third offense). Protect your rights and your very freedom by contacting a skilled and experienced Colorado DWAI attorney.

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