When Spring Fever Results in a Colorado DUI or DWAI

IMG_7928_Springtime in Colorado is an amazing sight. Few states enjoy such beauty and so many opportunities for fun and relaxation. The weather is warming, but there is still ample time to hit the slopes. NCAA Tournament “March Madness” makes for exciting indoor sports watching on days when it still feels a bit like winter, and before long the Colorado Rockies will be draw throngs to Coors Stadium for opening day of the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Melting snow gives way to green grass, and flowers of every color appear on the hillsides and in neatly manicured parks and gardens of Colorado’s cities. It is a great time to be alive, to be outdoors, and to enjoy all that life has to have offer.  

Sometimes, though, it is possible to take enjoyment too far. When “spring fever” leads to drinking and driving and results in DUI or DWAI in the state of Colorado, it is time to forget about the wonders of a world awakening and contact an experienced Denver DUI defense attorney. Conviction for DUI or DWAI in Colorado could really turn the flowers into showers of fines, fees, and even days locked away in jail. If you have been charged with DUI or DWAI in Colorado, contact a skilled attorney right away.

Colorado Punishes DUI and DWAI Harshly

Part of the reason why Colorado is unique is its elevation. The Rocky Mountains are the reason for this, bringing otherworldly beauty. With this elevation, however, comes winding and steep mountain passes. In other words, Colorado’s roads and highways come with a built-in added degree of difficulty – and this is even the case when the roads are not covered with snow.  Because of this, the state really does not want its residents and visitors to get behind the wheel after consuming an amount of alcohol consistent with impairment of one’s mental faculties. As such, Colorado has strict drinking and driving laws.  

In addition to the charge of Drinking and Driving (DUI), the state also seeks convictions for the lesser charge of Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI). The difference between the two charges is level of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). BAC, commonly tested by breathalyzer, is the ratio of blood to alcohol per milliliter in your system. A BAC of .08% is grounds for a DUI charge. A BAC of .05% is grounds for a DWAI charge. Importantly, both measurements are objective in nature – meaning that it does not matter if the BAC percentage actually corresponds with impairment. The law does not concern itself with individual’s subjective “tolerance” when it comes to alcohol. So, regardless of whether you feel yourself to be impaired when driving after drinking, if you produce a .05% or .08% BAC when tested by an officer making a valid stop, you may properly be charged with DWAI or DUI in Colorado. If you have been charged with either offense, contact a skilled and experienced Denver DUI defense attorney right away.

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