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No Denver Crime Wave in Wake of Legalized Marijuana

As reported in Main St, crime in Denver has actually declined since the legalization of retail marijuana sales. The site reports: January and February crime statistics in the city and county of Denver show violent crime — including homicide, sexual assaults and robbery — have declined by 2.4%, according to the Denver Police Department. In […]

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First Degree Murder Charges Filed in Fatal Aurora DUI Case

As reported by the Denver Post, Ever Olivos-Gutierrez now faces at least six charges, including a charge of first degree murder with extreme indifference, for running a stoplight in Aurora earlier this week, allegedly while having a blood-alcohol content of four times the legal limit, which resulted in a collision that killed another driver, 17-year-old […]

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Ryan Cole Stone Eluding Case Analysis

There have been many news reports about the Ryan Cole Stone case which included a police chase yesterday through the metro-Denver are. Here s a breakdown of the facts as reported in the media as well as the potential criminal charges. Alleged Facts: At about 6:20 a.m. on Wednesday, March 12, Stone steals an SUV, apparently from […]

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New Film Documents Juvenile Justice Scandal

A feature-length film, five years in the making, Kids for Cash, produced and directed by Oscar-winner Robert May (Fog of War, 2003), documents the Pennsylvania scandal in which two juvenile court judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan, received nearly three million dollars in bribes from the builders and owners of privately funded “for profit” detention […]

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Push for Mandatory Prison In Colorado Vehicular Assault Cases

On January 17, 2014, House Bill 14-1158 was introduced in the Colorado Legislature by State Representative Polly Lawrence and co-sponsored by State Senator Steven King. Under current law, a person can be convicted of vehicular assault or vehicular homicide by proving either that the driver was engaged in reckless or certain types of grossly negligent behavior […]

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Why it Never Pays to Talk to Police

It is a natural human instinct, when questioned by anyone, but especially an authority figure, about any wrongdoing , to deny, explain or minimize one’s fault. But talking to police is one of the biggest mistakes any potential suspect can make, regardless of guilt or innocence. More than 60 years ago, in Watts v. Indiana, […]

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