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Alaska Voices Concern Over Colorado Marijuana DUI

Colorado and Washington allow for the sale of recreational marijuana and related THC products. Alaska will decide in November whether it will change its drug laws to follow suit. Ballot Measure 2, which allows recreational pot, may pass later this year making the State another to the list of legalized states. One of the concerns voiced over […]

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Six Months in, Colorado Sees no Major Spike in Pot Usage

According to an interview with Reuters, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper states that data indicates no significant jump in the number of Colorado residents using marijuana. Rather, since recreational pot shops opened in January, “the people that were smoking before are mainly the people that are smoking now.” Hickenlooper, a former brewer, originally opposed the legalization […]

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Colorado Lawmakers Reject PTSD as Condition Qualifying for Medical Marijuana

Last week, the Colorado House State, Veterans and Military Affairs committee killed House Bill 14-1364, which would have allowed veterans and others suffering from Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder to get medical recommendations for marijuana without risking their VA benefits. The vote was an uncharacteristic retreat from Colorado’s liberalization of marijuana laws. Art Way, Colorado policy manager for the […]

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Arizona High Court Rules that Inactive THC in Driver’s Blood Doesn’t Prove DUI

As reported by the Arizona Star last week, the Arizona Supreme Court has ruled that motorists whose blood contains only a small amount of a secondary marijuana metabolite, Carboxy-THC, may not be presumed to be driving while impaired because medical evidence establishes that the metabolite in question does not indicate that someone is impaired.Traces of Carboxy-THC can […]

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This Week in the Colorado Legislature

As summarized by 9News, a number of legislative decisions are looming on the regulation of marijuana, including a decision by the Joint Budget Committee on how to spend the marijuana tax revenue. Also up for vote by lawmakers are bills on the regulation of marijuana edibles and concentrates. “Designer drugs” are typically defined as synthetic […]

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Increased Denver DUI Patrol for 4/20 Weekend

With more than 50,000 celebrants expected to descend this weekend on the 4/20 Pot Rally at Civic Center Park, 9News reports that Denver Police intend to be present in force.  In addition, at least three private security companies have been retained to supervise the event. Participants will undergo bag checks at each of the four […]

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No Denver Crime Wave in Wake of Legalized Marijuana

As reported in Main St, crime in Denver has actually declined since the legalization of retail marijuana sales. The site reports: January and February crime statistics in the city and county of Denver show violent crime — including homicide, sexual assaults and robbery — have declined by 2.4%, according to the Denver Police Department. In […]

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