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Understanding First Time DUI in Colorado

A DUI charge in the state of Colorado is a serious matter even if it is your first time. The state takes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs very seriously and punishes a conviction for DUI accordingly. A Colorado DUI conviction can change your life in negative ways. Besides the very real possibility […]

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Colorado Law and Your Right to Remain Silent

The right of an individual accused of a crime to remain silent stems from the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. This right – or privilege – allows you to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement. Also referred to as the right against self-incrimination, the purpose of the Fifth Amendment is to give […]

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Drunk Driver Crashes into Herd of Sheep

A woman in Rio Grande County, Colorado was arrested for DUI and hit and run after crashing her sport utility vehicle into a herd of sheep, striking 50 of them.  Her front license plate fell off of her vehicle during the incident, allowing police to locate her. Initial reports stated that 38 sheep had died […]

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Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Suspended for Attending MADD Awards Ceremony Drunk

Deputy Michael Szeliga of the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department has been reprimanded and suspended for reportedly showing up to an awards ceremony in a highly intoxicated state.  While the incident is embarrassing enough in itself for the deputy and his department, the circumstances make it that much bizarre. It wasn’t just an awards ceremony.  It […]

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