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What is the Colorado BAC Limit?

When people discuss laws regarding driving under the influence of alcohol, they often discuss a “BAC limit.” “BAC” refers to a person’s blood alcohol content, generally measured by mass per volume – in the United States, the most common unit of measure when discussing BAC is grams per deciliter, or g/Dl. When you refer to […]

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What if I Miss my DUI Court Date?

The first court date for a charge of driving under the influence (DUI) or other Colorado drunk driving offenses is called the arraignment. At this arraignment, you will hear the official charges against you and will have to enter an initial plea of not guilty or guilty. Many people who have not hired an attorney […]

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Texas Upholds Life Sentence for Third Felony DUI Conviction

Texas Court Upholds Life Sentence for Woman’s Third Felony DUI Conviction According to the Austin-American Statesman, a state appeals court in Texas has affirmed the life sentence imposed on Rose Ann Davidson under habitual offender provisions in 2012. This was purportedly Davidson’s third DUI conviction since 2008. In Texas, a third DUI is punished as […]

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Marijuana Use by Colorado Youths Down

WebProNews, citing statistics from a new survey by the Colorado Department of Health and Public Education, reports that, contrary to all predictions and expectations, the use of marijuana by Colorado high-school-aged residents has dropped by 2 percent since its legalization. This was despite the fact that there was a 4 percent increase in the number […]

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Alaska Voices Concern Over Colorado Marijuana DUI

Colorado and Washington allow for the sale of recreational marijuana and related THC products. Alaska will decide in November whether it will change its drug laws to follow suit. Ballot Measure 2, which allows recreational pot, may pass later this year making the State another to the list of legalized states. One of the concerns voiced over […]

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MADD “Champion Lawmaker” Facing Felony Charges

Colorado State Senator Steve King (R-Grand Junction), a former law enforcement officer, has compiled a reputation as an advocate and author of tougher criminal laws, particularly aimed at defendants facing DUI charges. In June, King received the 2014 “Legislative Champion” award from Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD).  Among other things, King sponsored several bills targeting […]

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Suspected DUI Driver to Face First Degree Murder Charge

As reported by the Denver Post, Ever Olivas-Gutierrez, allegedly an illegal resident of the United States since at least 2004, faces trial on one count of first degree murder with extreme indifference, C.R.S. section 18-3-102(1)(d), a class one felony that carries a potential sentence of life imprisonment, for his purported involvement in the March, 2014 […]

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Lorman Seminar Provides Tips to Defend DUI Cases

The DUI laws in Colorado are less friendly than ever to those who drink or use drugs and drive. The long-term effects of a conviction are devastating to a client’s career and future earning potential. In addition, potential consequences include jail, probation, alcohol education and therapy, increased auto insurance, and a driver’s license revocation and […]

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DUI Arrests Reportedly Down over July 4 Weekend

Reports from both the Durango Herald and the Pueblo Chieftain state that 296 motorists were arrested in Colorado for DUI over the July 4 weekend. This number is less than half of the 632 arrested in the same time frame last year.  Early reports indicate that DUI-related fatalities may also be on the downswing. In […]

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