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Colorado Consequences for Drivers Under 21

The BAC limits for underage drivers in Colorado are lower than for adult drivers. A driver under the age of 21 faces stiffer consequences than an adult for a violation of Colorado’s DUI laws. In addition, teenagers and drivers under age 21 cannot apply for early reinstatement of their driver’s license if revoked for a […]

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Prestigious Denver DUI Defense Firm Adds Two Attorneys

On July 1, Tiftickjian Law Firm added attorneys Bobby Greene and Douglas Barnes to its DUI defense team. Greene joins the firm as an associate attorney focusing on DUI and criminal defense, and Barnes joins in an of counsel role, bringing with him over 30 years of experience in criminal defense and appellate litigation. Greene […]

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Evidence in a DUI Case: Driving

There are generally four phases to a DUI investigation: driving, the initial contact, the field sobriety tests, and finally the blood or breath test. In this first part of a four-part series, we will examine how your driving can help or hurt your chances in a DUI defense. Driving is the first of many clues […]

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Keep Your Legal Weed in the Trunk

A few weeks ago, the Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 283, which immediately went into effect. This bill created a new open container law related to marijuana. The bill creates Colorado state criminal law that makes it a crime to use or have an open container of marijuana in a motor vehicle if you […]

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Young Adults Penalized Greater in Colorado DUI cases

Minor drivers suffer some of the worst consequences when arrested for driving under the influence. Regardless of what happens in the court case, the DMV will also take separate action against the minor’s driver’s license. Across the board, the consequences of drinking and driving if you are under 21 in Colorado DUI cases are severe. […]

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The Colorado DMV Conundrum

In a DUI case, you may be surprised to learn that your driver’s license can be taken away even if you are found not guilty in court. This is because under Colorado DUI law, the Department of Revenue—Division of Motor Vehicles initiates an action against your driving privilege if it finds out you were arrested […]

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New Law Gives Drivers Back their Right to Challenge Officer’s Conduct at DMV Hearing

On May 11, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper signed House Bill 13-1077 (Salazar),“Illegal Traffic Stops May be Raised at License Revocation Hearings.” This bill is important because it reinstates a driver’s right to contest an illegal traffic stop at a DMV hearing based on a DUI arrest. Commonly, DUI defense lawyers challenge the legality of a traffic […]

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Book for Motorists Accused of DUI in Colorado

Denver DUI defense attorney Jay Tiftickjian has a lot of professional projects outside of his law firm, and one of them is as a legal writer. His fifth professional publication, Facing a DUI Charge in Colorado: What You Need to Know, was released May 1 by Thomson-Reuters/Aspatore and is available through Thomson-Reuters/Westlaw store and at […]

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