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What are Some Mistakes Commonly Made by Law Enforcement When Investigating a DUI Case?

While it sometimes may not seem like it, law enforcement officers are subject to strict legal rules about the way they investigate crime. In addition, there are often internal procedural rules designed to ensure the accuracy and veracity of evidence which, if not followed, can result in significant doubt regarding the value of the evidence […]

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Edible Marijuana Products can Result in a DUI Arrest

Since Colorado legalized the recreational use of marijuana with the passage of Amendment 64 in 2012, producers of marijuana products have become increasingly creative with the range of products they sell. Many dispensaries carry a wide variety of edible marijuana products, including gummy candy, cookies, chocolate, non-alcoholic drinks, brownies, cupcakes, lozenges, butter, granola bars, commonly […]

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Colorado Felony DUI Law to Take Effect Early Next Month

After years of public and political pressure, Colorado joined the majority of other states last spring when Governor Hickenlooper signed a bill creating a felony driving under the influence (DUI) offense. Up until now, any Colorado DUI offense that did not involve aggravating circumstances could only be brought as a misdemeanor, significantly limiting the potential […]

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Nearly 300 Arrested for DUI over Holiday Weekend

Holidays often involve friends, food, relaxation, and alcohol. Law enforcement authorities are aware of this fact, and increase enforcement efforts during times that people tend to celebrate. These enforcement efforts often involve increased patrols and DUI checkpoints and often result in a significant number of arrests. Anyone accused of a driving under the influence of […]

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