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Colorado cops start July 4 DUI enforcement early

Hotter than the 4th of July: Colorado cops start holiday enforcement early   There’s only one thing hotter than the 4th of July this year, and that’s Colorado’s plans for “The Heat is On” during the Independence Day holiday.   More than 80 law enforcement agencies plan to participate in the holiday crackdown on drunk […]

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Increased Thanksgiving Weekend Denver DUI Patrol

It’s that time of year again.  Time to eat, drink and be merry… and a significant increase in Colorado DUI patrol.   During the 2010 Holiday season, 1,556 people were arrested in Colorado for Driving Under the Influence, and 14 of Colorado’s 41 fatal injuries during that time period happened in alcohol related accidents.  Colorado Department […]

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Jay Tiftickjian Appointed to Serve as Criminal Law Chair

Tiftickjian Law Firm’s Jay Tiftickjian has been appointed the founding chair of the Adams County and Broomfield County Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section. Its purpose is to provide relevant criminal law related training to the attorneys and judges that practice in Adams and Broomfield Counties. To introduce the Criminal Law Section, Mr. Tiftickjian will lecture on Driver’s […]

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Ignition Interlock in All Cars is The Future

In the near future, an ignition interlock device may be as standard a feature on a new car as windshield wipers and climate control. Toyota and Nissan have already announced they are exploring this technology as a standard safety feature in all vehicles. If Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and the companies that stand to […]

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Feds Cracking Down on Medical Marijuana in Colorado

In a memo recently issued to all United States Attorneys, Deputy Attorney General James Cole warns that the federal government will be cracking down on the large-scale private cultivation of marijuana, despite existing state laws that authorize such activity.  The memo is a follow-up to a 2009 memorandum entitled the “Ogden Memo,” which essentially stated […]

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Denver Checkpoints and DUI Enforcement – 4th of July Update

The “100 Days of Heat” DUI crackdown is igniting for the Fourth of July weekend, with over 100 law enforcement agencies and Colorado State Patrol troops hitting roadways with increased DUI patrols and sobriety checkpoints.   While local law enforcement agencies certainly hope for a safe and sober weekend, the holiday is generally filled with alcohol-fueled […]

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