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Tiftickjian Publishes 2nd Edition of Colorado DUI Defense: The Law and Practice

Jay Tiftickjian’s new book, Colorado DUI Defense: The Law and Practice, 2nd Edition, has been released by the publisher and is available for purchase. The Second Edition of Jay’s book is full of updates, including new and expanded information about felony DUI, DMV proceedings, revocations and reinstatement, new case law, breath and blood testing, and […]

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Forged Signatures on Colorado DUI Breath Machine

State whistleblower Mike Barnhill visited Tiftickjian Law Firm recently to discuss the forged certifications of Colorado’s breath testing machines. Barnhill, a former lab technician for CDPHE from 2010 to 2015, recently went public with his concerns regarding the initial roll-out and certification of the Intoxilyzer 9000 when the machines were purchased in 2013. During the […]

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Colorado DUI/DWAI: Understanding the Basics

Few people know much about DUI in Colorado until it happens to them. Better education, however, might help prevent the problem. This is somewhat ironic given the fact that we are constantly cautioned against drinking and driving on television, radio, and in print. Most public service advertising covers only the broadest strokes. Take a few […]

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When St. Patrick’s Day Fun Goes Wrong and Results in a Colorado DUI or DWAI

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. While the holiday’s origins are as a cultural and religious celebration, it has become synonymous with binge-drinking. One historical reason for this is the lifting of restrictions on drinking imposed by the Christian holiday of Lent. This Lenten short-term restriction on consumption alcohol dates all the way […]

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